Munching On Mushrooms A Recipe For Pet Disaster

It used to be simple to feed your dog. You would buy some kind of dry dog chow and throw in some table scraps. As veterinary science became more advanced, veterinarians began to study nutrition. They realized that, just as for people, diet has a big impact on overall health. It became clear that grain based, processed dog food was not adequate to support a dogs health. There are now many high quality, meat based dog foods available with no artificial colors or fillers.

Fencing is highly advisable if you have newly mobile children and pets. Prevent drowning by responsibly putting up a fence to protect your precious ones.

Dogs that have a compromised immune system aren’t the only dogs vets don’t want exposed to a raw food diet. Many actually recommend that puppies not be given this diet because of the needs they have as a growing animal. They are afraid that a raw food diet for dogs won’t supply all the nutrients that a growing puppy will need. When all those nutrients aren’t supplied, the puppy is put at risk for different deficiencies.

First, there is a multi-tiered unit which is designed specifically for small cats and dogs. The Drinkwell Water Fountain is designed for two or more pets. It is a circular dish that has water pouring from a center tower area. Cats and american bully exotic are very entertained with this type of water dispenser. Also available is a 2.25 gallon water dispenser for very big dogs such as Sheep Dogs, Saint Bernards, or Newfoundlands.

For your dog’s sake, be a bit suspicious. Don’t be convinced by anyone including me that what they are trying to sell you is necessarily in your dogs health dog’s best interest.

TO THE KITCHEN. Tea is more than just a drink. It has a product in it called tannins, which are anti-inflammatory and have antimicrobial properties. Brew up a strong cup of black tea and place 3-4 drops in the affected eye three times daily. It should be made daily to prevent contamination. More details are found in my book.

Check frequently with sources like the ASPCA, or sign up for the “Cold Noses News” and we’ll keep you informed. (You’ll also get a bunch of cool dog stuff along with your free registration).

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